WhatsUpp Base With Privacy [ Base Update ]


 • You can now create and share a link for your WA call from the Calls tab
• Now only admins will be notified when you leave a group
• Group admins can now delete others’ messages for everyone. All participants can see who deleted it.
• You can now easily react to a Status post using Status Reactions.
• You can undo “delete for me” for a few seconds
These features will roll out over the coming weeks. Thanks for using WA!
• Full AntiBan
• View Once Disable -  😍 you can view any media file unlimited times instead of onec. 
New Base Updated to
• Enabled All hidden features..
• Same as stock wa
• Enable broadcast icon on broadcast  msg
• Added Delete Icon ðŸš«
All types of privacy included.(hide last seen,hide status view,blue tick,double tick,typing,anti revoke, hide status view,BOR).
New Chat 
• Status Downloading
• Dark Mode Enable
SMS verification fixed.
•User Can Create Your Mod... Contact Sam For How To decompile and recompile apk

MOD Name  WA Beta 
 Base Version
Device Android
Minimum Os 4.4.2 
File Type APK 
Developer SamMods
Download Size 36 MB
Download 600000+
Server Mediafire

21 Responses to "WhatsUpp Base With Privacy [ Base Update ]"

  1. I love this mod and the new colors

    1. This mod contain hide blue microphone and i mentioned many times but developers don't even try to fix it

  2. This mod contain hide blue microphone and i mentioned many times but developers don't even try to fix it

  3. Não consigo baixa o YouTube mais

  4. I found an error when sending the message a window opens that says open file with

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  15. Improved privacy features are introduced in WhatsApp Base, in response to users' growing worries about data security. End-to-end encryption protects privacy during discussions by keeping messages private. The software also gives users more control over privacy settings, allowing them to choose who can access their profile details and status updates. In order to protect user privacy on the whole platform, the update also offers choices to restrict data sharing with third-party applications. All things considered, WhatsApp Base puts the privacy of its users first, offering a safer and more comforting messaging experience.
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