YOWhatsApp v7.51 Latest Version [DUAL WHATSAPP MODs] With Emoji Or Without Emoji Changer

Small Update: #YoWA V7.51 ⚠️ by + Yousef Al-Basha
⛔ Reason: Extended Expiry date

Changelog V7.51:
[ Extended ] Expiry date
[ Enabled ] Group Settings - Send Messages (Only admin can send)
[ Removed ] Annoying Update WhatsApp message

NOTE: V7.60 will be released soon with new features ... Sorry for the delay this time!

[Extend] Validation period
[Activate] Administrators option to prevent members from sending messages in groups
Remove annoying update message
Note: Version 7.60 will be released soon with new features ... We apologize for the delay in the update

----------- ------------------------------------------
[ Base Update ] 2.18.122 - Play Store
[ Enabled ] One touch voice note recording! (Press and swipe up)
[ Added ] Contacts screen automatically takes theme colors
[ Added ] Change CHAT tab unread counter background (2.1.4)
[ Added ] Change CHAT tab unread counter text color (2.1.5)
[ Added ] Lock Wallpaper Preview Choosing After
[ Added ] OnePlus (Slate) Font (1.2.0)
[ Added ] the Old Stock (2016) Entry Style (3.2.3)
[ Added ] YoWA Entry Extra Attachements button , (Documents, Etc ...)
[ Added] Attach button in WANH entry
[ Improved ] Re-organized Home Screen Colors in Option 2.1
[ Enabled ] Group Description - Working.
[ Enabled ] Group Settings - Activated.
[ Re-Enabled ] Last seen on home screen by default
[ Fixed ] White themes caller name not showing
[ Fixed ] Android KitKat calls crash
[ Fixed ] Share 100 images from gallery to whatsapp
[ Fixed ] error when setting lock wallpaper for some devices
[ Fixed] Your Android the Disable Oreo 8.0+-UPS Heads (Does Not If the workTel, To go The Apps> YoWhatsApp> the Change "Importance" To "Default")
[] Other Improvements And Fixes of bugs

[ updated base ] 2.18.122 - PlayStation Store
[ activate ] recording voice messages at the touch, without long press (click and drag the top)
[ add ] names screen take theme automatically
[ add ] background circle the number of messages in the top bar color change (2.1.4)
[ add ] change the color of the text inside a circle number of messages in the tape Upper (2.1.5)
[ Add ] Rear view image lock after selectable and modify it (6.0.8)
[ Add ] Style box input previous Wattab 2016
[Add ] "Three" button to attach documents and others in style Insert YoWA
[ Add ] button Attach files in Stial Insert WANH
[ Add ] Slate line in option (1.2.0)
[ Enable ] Ability to add description of groups and groups
[ Activate ] such as preventing supervisors from changing the name
[ re - activation ] see the last appearance of people in the main screen
[ Thisn ] rearrange color options Home settings
[ fix ] problem background selection to lock in some devices
[ repair ] the problem of communication in android phones Kit Kat
[ repair] You do not receive the person 's name in the calls in the white themes
[ repair ] post 100 photos of the show by Alwatsab
[ repair ] to stop the pop - up notifications for phones Android 8.0 option above (if I stayed, go to applications and YoWhatsApp and Geyer "important" to the default)
[] Other fixes and improvements

Base: 2.18.122- Play Store

NOTE: Delete for everyone now only works for 1 hour . As whatsapp fixed it¡¯¯ ()) / ¯

Thanks for being patient and waiting respectfully for the update! More exciting features will be added next updates!

Credits & Thanks: (In-App now)

Previous version Donations :
- Ahmad Sururi
- Mohammed Intzgui
- Abdullah KardaƟ
- Couture Noir (x3)
- Josue Ortiz
- Matheus Almeida
- Isa Umar Musawa
- Juvenal Beraun Maqui
- Aquilino Pizarro
- Giuseppina Morelli
- Wesley Douglas
- Danny Jacobsen
- Farah Jaafar
-Thanks to all who donates via Google Play!
(if you're name is not here contact me!)

Also, I would like to thank all community members for reporting bugs, translating strings, and supporting this project

With Emoji Changer Apk Size: 42 MB
<<-- YOWhatsApp+-->> (com.whatsapp)
<<--YOWhatsApp -->> (com.yowhatsapp)

<<--YOWhatsApp 2 -->> (com.2yowhatsapp)

Without Emoji Changer Apk Size: 27 MB
<<-- YOWhatsApp+-->> (com.whatsapp)
<<--YOWhatsApp -->> (com.yowhatsapp)

<<--YOWhatsApp 2 -->> (com.2yowhatsapp)

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