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com.nowhatsapp (NOWA)
com.nowhatsapp2 (NOWA)

Whats New in v8.60

Update base To v2.17.79
*Extension The Expiration date of base until 12-2017
*App works much faster and smoother
*Added Hide View Status Privacy (Don't tell contact that you have viewed their Story/Status) (Options - Settings Privacy - Hide View Status)
*Added New Emojis
*Added Option to Show Toast when someone change Profile Pic (Options - NorahMods - Main Chats Screen - Contact Profile Pic change Toast)
*Ability to Send more than 10 gif,photo and video direction to Your Story/Status
*Ability to Send any Video upto 30mb as a GIF (Select video to send and on right corner click GIF)
*Fixed WhatsApp.log Option
*Other fixes

Whats New in v8.50

*Add Option to show Last Seen on Main Screen (NorahMods-Main Chats Screen)
*Elapsed Time instead of Last Seen on Main Screen (NorahMods-Main Chats Screen) (use 24hr time format)
*Add Option to put and See profile pics. of contacts in Conversation Screen
*Add Option to show contacts pics. in Groups
*Add Option to show my profile pic in Conversation Screen
*Add Option to show my profile pic in Groups
*Resize profile pics. in Conversation Screen
*Other Fixes

* Anti Ban and update
* Support All Galxi S + Note series HTCNexus And All Devises
* Works as Second and Third number ( NOWhatsApp &NOWhatsApp2 )
* Spicail Folder for NOWA and NOWA2
* Add option to Set your status on the top in the Main Chat screen
* Ability to send Broadcast Message to 1000 Members instead of 256
* Add option to Send Heigh resolution Photo HD
* Add option to Change the size of the text in the Chats, Contacts and Calls main screen
* Add option to Change App Language
* Mantain different wallpaper image for every chat
* Add option to Translation and Copy Translated message
* Add option to change app font style
* Add option to change app font size in Chats
* Add option to Disable Voice Calls
* Add New Chat Bubbles (Total 34)
* Add New Chat Ticks (Total 44)
* The possibility of distinguishing between normal and Broadcast (messages-media-location)
* Activation via direct Sms code for no need for backup
* Ability to star important messages to read it later
* App works much faster and smoother
* Enabled End-to-end Message Encryption
* Add option Check For Ubdate
* Privacy Settings
* Group Counter
* Add Option to change Bubbles Style in Conversation Screen
* Add Option to change Ticks Style in Conversation Screen
* Add read NOWhatsApp.log (See who changed his profile pic - Status - Online)
* Mark chats unread or read
* Per chat custom notification settings and mute
* Add Option to hide archived chats footer row in Main Screen
* Add Option to hide contacts profile pic in Conversation Screen
* Add option to Hide grey line between Chats in Main Screen
* Add option to Hide grey line between Calls in Calls Screen
* Add option to Hide grey line between Contacts in Contacts screen
* Online Status in chat rows(main-screen)
* Ability See contact status in conversation screen
* Add option to hide Contact Status in Home Screen
* Add option to hide General Status in Conversation Screen
* Hide the possibility of notices separately (for groups / contacts / for mute / for all)
* Add feature to copy WhatsApp data and the possibility restore them later
* Hide name and the date when two or more copies
* Add option to disable the appearance of a pop-up notices in versions of Lollipop
* The possibility of sending size video 30 MB instead of 16 MB
* The possibility of sending more than 90 image boost unit instead of 10
* Add feature toast contact online (to know who has become connected - who visited your profile)
* Added Pics in Conversation when use SearchWeb..
* Add option to Delete Recent Emojis
* Add option to put your name and nomber instead of 'WhatsApp+' in Main Screen
* Add option to hide your number instead of in Main Screen
* Copy Status
* Save the profile image
* The possibility of pressing status in the Member's profile links
* The possibility of click on the links without storing number sender of the message or group owner
* Add option to change the program icon
* The possibility of Select a part of contact stauts
* The possibility of put the case of 256 characters instead of 139 characters
* The possibility of identifying part of the message
* Added option to delete the Logs of the program
* Added option to create a shortcut icon for app(Unread messages counter works on it)
* Added FAB in Main Screen
* Added optin to include many options to customize FAB
* Add option Dark Theme for Settings
* Ability to write up to 10000 letters facilitated with media instead of 160 letters
* Add option to change color of ( Chats - Conversation - font - Calls - Contacts Screen )
* Add confirmation window before you call in Conversations and call list
* Ability to preview links in Conversations
* Ability to chat with received attached contact without need to save number in your device
* Unblock Telegram links in Conversations
* Added option to hide the voice recording icon
* Added option to hide the Camera icon
* Ability to Change Pics from Circular to Square

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  9. WhatsApp v8.60 is a recent update that introduces several new features and improvements to enhance user experience. These include enhanced privacy settings, improved group management, and new multimedia features such as sticker search and animated stickers. Users can now enable disappearing messages for individual and group chats, which automatically delete after seven days. Additionally, group admins have more control over group information, including subject, icon, and description. The update also includes new multimedia features like sticker search and animated stickers, which allow users to find the perfect stickers for their conversations. Voice and video calls have been improved, with call quality enhanced for clearer communication. If a group call is missed, users can join it if it's still ongoing without needing to be added again by another participant. User interface improvements include dark mode improvements, which provide a more comfortable viewing experience in low light conditions, and custom wallpapers for individual chats. Bug fixes and performance improvements have been made to improve app stability, performance optimizations, and security updates. To update WhatsApp, users can open the Google Play Store on Android and the App Store on iOS. In conclusion, WhatsApp v8.60 brings numerous new features and improvements designed to enhance privacy, improve group management, and make conversations more dynamic and enjoyable. To take advantage of these latest features, users should update their app. For detailed release notes and more information, visit the official WhatsApp website or check the app store description. If encountering any issues after updating, consider reaching out to WhatsApp support for assistance.immigration to the us from india