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WhatsApp MOD is a mod of the famous WhatsApp app. A material designed mod, that provides TONs of features including customization, themes, changing styles, app lock, conversation locks, PRIVACY mods, Status Download, Fonts Style, Media Mod, and many more And Also Support Dual WhatsApp

YES Its Safe developers only customiz App not a Server and Moded WhatsApp Mod By Trusted Developers 

Why Anti-Virus Softwares shows WhatsApp MODS as a harm to the device ?
Explanation By Peter Kuefer
First we should know that how Anti-Virus Softwares works. They works based on signature check mechanism. In which, They check what signature . That does a particular application contains. They have a black list of signatures in their database and if the signature of a particular app is listed in that black list, they immediately warn user that the application might be harmful.
Many developers started modding. and downloaded apktool along with a signature from XDA. didn't knew that many anti-virus applications already had that signature in their blacklist.we using that signature ever since. That is the reason why those software shows WhatsApp Mods as a harmful application
But, trust me, There is nothing that you guys need to be worried about when it comes t owhatsapp mods. we not doing any malicious work here not whatsapp mod is a malware.
we can fix this by just replacing the signature, but it will require all my users to perform a clean install. and we don't want all users to go through that.
Side Note:
Google is (or was) very much against the mere idea of an antivirus on Android. The permissions model is such that, at least on the paper, malware filtering is better done on the app repository (Google Play); at least so it is claimed. Antivirus software is useful only as long as it detects malware which would otherwise be disruptive for your device or your data, but such disruption would be considered as a bug on either the OS or the app repository, and promptly fixed by Google. Thus, an antivirus Softwares are kinda useless.
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Peter Kuefer

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  2. Why there is no feature delete messages for all people in gbwhatsapp by fouads?please add that feature..coz it is very important

  3. Why there is no feature delete messages for all people in gbwhatsapp by fouads?please add that feature..coz it is very important

  4. Why there is no feature delete messages from all people in gbwhatsapp by fouads?