WhatsApp B58 v14 Final Latest Version Download Now

*Based on latest play store version 2.18.341
*Size just 23mb 
*Theme the app to your likings.
*Theme with Gradients too.
*Save/Share your themes
*Restore even a GBWhatsApp or a YoWhatsApp theme.(Please press back button if you restored a Yo theme.)
*Privacy mods (Anti revoke, pause last seen,Hide status view, hide blue ticks, hide second ticks, etc)
*Added open chat
*Separate category of privacy for contacts, groups and broadcast message
* Group Counter
*Choose Bubbles, ticks, notifybar and launcher icons[20 styles]
*Restart app
*Put name and phone number/status in action bar
*Copy contact's status.
*Option to put Contact's status in chatscreen.
*Call a contact through SIM instead of WhatsApp call or even send SMS.
*Last seen in main screen.
*Contact online toast.
*Logger to read WhatsApp Logs.
*Option to save Contact's statuses(story) or copy Text status.
*Option to hide sender name in home screen.
*Developer message to get important messages from the developer.
* Much more to be experienced by yourself.

Confusing? Install the app and use the in-app visual explanation guide to enjoy the app even more.

What's NEW from v13.2
*[New]Base updated to 2.18.314 latest playstore version.
*[Removed]B58's customised wishes for any special occassions. Thank you users for a poor response.
*[Fixed]Most of the previous bugs.

Method to install: Just replace previous version of B58 edition.
If coming from a different mod or official WhatsApp then-1. Backup messages in your current WhatsApp(Settings->Chats->Chat backup).
2. Uninstall current WhatsApp.
3. Install B58 edition.
4. Restore messages after verifying phone number.
5. All set to GO.

1.When I enable privacy(hide blue tick and second tick), sometimes my messages are not being sent and sometimes i receive messages late. Why is that? and Whats is the solution?
A. This is a very rare problem found in 2/100 users. Quick solution is to Disable all privacy mods, restart WhatsApp and then enable them. This will soon be fixed.
2. I sometimes face crashes, What should I do?
A. Care has been taken to fix all crashes. In case if any crashes are found, Please report them using in-app report option.
3. Some features are missing which is essential for daily usage. Can I get them?
A. Sure, if you feel anything important is missing you may suggest me using in-app report option. I will respond to it.
4. Nice work, you surely deserve donation. How can i donate?
A. Well, Thanks a lot for the concern. I don't expect donations. But if you really wish, you may use in-app donation option to donate me either via Paypal or Paytm(INDIAN users).
5. I have more questions. What to do?
A. Use in-app report option to contact me.

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      The Most UseLess & irritation annoying Feature Function

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  2. *ADS ADS ADS in this whatsapp

    *too much heavy on RAM

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    *Heavy on RAM drains Battery Fast

  3. WhatsApp GO Lateset version
    Whiche Version