NOWhatsApp APK V9.65 Download Latest Version [ ANTIBAN 😍]
    *Base Updated 2.19.360
    *Anti Ban
    *Added All <b>Privacy Settings</b> (NorahMods - Privacy Settings)
    *Enabl Dark Mod (settings - Theme)
    *Ability to control who can add you to groups (settings - account - privacy - groups)
    *Add and support call waiting
    *The ability to lock WhatsApp through fingerprint (settings - account - privacy - lock with fingerprint)
    *Added New option to <b>download and Copy Statses</b> like GB
    *Add Contact Pic change toast (NorahMods - More)
    *Add Statuses toast (NorahMods - More)
    *Add Media Settings (NorahMods - Media)
    *Add Dnd Icon on Main Screen Tab
    *Add option to hide Dnd Icon (NorahMods - Privacy Settings - General )
    *Repair problems with battery consumption in some devices
    *Other fixes
    *Remove Many Features
    ✔️Based on  2.19.360
    ✔️Ban proof.
    ✔️Supports calls.
    ✔️Zoom for profiles footage.
    ✔️Privacy mods: Hide the “Last seen”.
    ✔️Themes Dark mode  Theme Enable
    ✔️Counter statistics for group.
    ✔️Media preview without loading.
    ✔️Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen.
    ✔️Increase video size sending from 16 MB to 30 MB.
    ✔️Image sending increases from 10 pictures to 90.
    ✔️Increase status words from 139 characters to 250.
    ✔️Ability to proceed links on chat screen while not saving sender variety or cluster admin variety.
    ✔️Ability to press in links on your friends status without effort.
    ✔️The chance of identifying between traditional and broadcast messages.
    ✔️Hide the name and the date while copying to another chat user.
    ✔️Copy and Paste status.
    ✔️Added more docs file
    If you got banned before please take Backup - Uninstall WhatsApp /   Install NOWhatsApp v9.65 again

    MOD Name NOWhatsApp
     Version 9.65
     Base 2.19.360
    Device ALL
    Android Os 4.4.2 UP
    File Type APK
    Download Size 42MB
    Donwloads 20000+
    Server Mediafire

    39 Responses to " NOWhatsApp APK V9.65 Download Latest Version [ ANTIBAN 😍]"

    1. i have a note about the Update if it works until 01-01-2021 our work will be ended because of this update.

    2. You are not thinking about people who didn't like to update every time their whatsapp.Don't think about you and you only. Your work will end only if you are a lazy boy because there are many projects on which you can work. I really appreciate this update and the fact that it can last to 2021 is great thing and i encourage the developper of nowhatsapp this way. Futures updates with longer expiry time will be great.


      1. To be honest I totally agree with u 2021 is not a bad idea

    3. Kenapa di hp saya jadi terdeteksi virus di aplikasinya?

    4. Nowhatsapp cannot connect to whatsapp server

    5. Nowhatsapp cannot connect to whatsapp server

    6. we need option 3.4.1 old UI wich permit to completely suppress status and replace it by contact.

      the option is there but it didn't work. You must make it work. Thank you !

    7. old Ui option is a necessity. We need it.

    8. Please update this version 9.47 upgrade

    9. Please I Request You Please Update This Version NowaWhtsapp 9.46 This Is Owsm Application Please Update This Version Cannot Be connected in The Server

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Twitter follow pop-up always shows everytime I open the app.. It is really annoying.. Hope you fix it..

    12. Please, remove the Twitter pop up! How can i allow only selected users to call me?

    13. Twitter follow pop-up always shows everytime I open the app.. It is really annoying.. Hope you fix it

    14. I can't shear any status :( , it's freezing in sending!

    15. App crashes when someone tries to call me (with call block enabled).

    16. Come on, dev, remove the pop-up... Please!

    17. After installing nowhatsapp icon from screen disappear not found any where

    18. How Twitter notification closes???

    19. Надоело твиттер-уведомление,как его убрать?

    20. Remove developer pop up after following Twitter. Its getting annoying

    21. كيف ازيل اخطار تابع المطور كلما ادخل الواتس امر مزعج الرجاء المساعده

    22. كيف نزيل النافذه المنبثقه تابع المطور على توتير بليز المساعده

    23. كيف بخلي الستوري الفيديو يصير فوق ٣٠ ثانيه بدي حط ستوري فوق ٣٠ ثانيه كيف؟؟؟

    24. Hello. You must extend the expiry date of futures versions of Nowhatsapp to 2023. It is necessary for some people. Thank you !!

    25. أريد الغاء النافذة المنبثقة لمتابعة المطور
      كيف استطيع ذلك

    26. كيف ارفع حاله اكثر من ٣٠ ثانيه

    27. Fix old Ui option 3.4.1 in the next update.

    28. Anti expiry don't work. my version 2.19.34 must normally expire in 2021 as you said but it has expired on my phone so i must update. Then are you lying when you say it will expire in 2021 ??!

    29. لي مفيش امكانيه اخذ الاسكرين شوت

    30. مشكلة في الرسايل.. عندما تصلني رسالة وتتم.. قراءتها وعند الرجوع للدردشة أجدها غير مقروءة
      وياتيني اشعار بعدد الرسايل غير المقروء بينما قد تم قراءتها سابقا. الحل؟؟

    31. This comment has been removed by the author.