GAWhatsApp v8.0 Latest Version Download Now By alabidi_tech

New ​Update WhatsApp Plus & GAModsApp v8.0
By: @alabidi_tech

What's New in Update?

New Base Updated to 2.18.102
Now you can record the voice note and drag up and a lock icon appears. If activated, the recording remains effective without touching the screen
Added a section to manage cache files and delete them (may be up to 2 GB, so delete them constantly)
Ability to click links in status / news
Ability to hide View status in status row
Ability to hide Recent status in status row
Ability to hide Mute status in status row
Improved option change App Language
Added an option to Change Lancher icon (30 icons)
Added FAB in Main Screen (include many options to customize Fab)
Added New Chat Option in Fab
Added Option to Change Fab Size
Added Option to Change Fab Location/Position
Add an option to share photos at the high resolution
Add an option to send images of original quality
Add an option to share status with high resolution
Add an option to not stop the voice message when a notification arrives
Added option to Send a video to your Status for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds
Added an option to search for a new update
Added an option to view changeLogs
No ADS! Ads-free
Enabled All hidden features..
Fixed message access delay
Fixed delay in Hide Blue tick by 99%
Fixed lock when entering notifications
Fixed lock in some devices
Fixed the jamming of voice messages when opened
Fixed does not send the message when you enter a number and you send it in a message option send msg to number that is not saved
Bugs fixes and speed improvements...

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  1. Hola espero me entiendan...en español...bueno lo sieguiente es para hacer de sus conosimiento.
    Que nose que es lo que pasa,pero ni uno de los mods de whatsapp me sirve ni gbwhatsapp menos whatsapp plus....por decir los mas populares intente con todos los mods...yo soy usuario kitkat 4.4.2 ...y ni uno de los mods me sirven hasta instale en gbwhatsapp unofficial 8.12 que dice que corrigio el problema para los usuarios kikat...segun aparece como la ultima version (actualizado) pero no sino que me pide actualizar...y cuando me dirige a internet no me aparece la version que entiendo que pasa...porfa que alguien me ayude...ya estoy cansado de busacar que mods me sirve...le pido ayuda a un creador de mod para que solucione esto...ayuda! Help me please!🙏😢