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Update Fouad WhatsApp v 7.15

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🔺 Whats News in 7.15

• [Exclusive] Custom Hide name for contact/group (Click on name > Hide contact name)
• [Exclusive] Disable notification while playing voice notes (Option 1.3.10)
• [Added] Locked chat messages will be hidden in Widget
• [Added] Back You can Play Videos in your Favourite externel app (Example: MX player or any other video player)(Option 5.0.4)
• [Added] 4 New Cr Bubbles and some PNGs (Credit To Richar Correra)
• [Added] Gradient to Recent Updated Background
• [Fixed] Slow and lag when scrolling
• [Fixed] WhatsApp size (data) getting bigger
• [Fixed] Widget bypass WhatsApp Lock/locked conversations
• [] Other bugs fixes and Speed Improvements    

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