NRWhatsApp v3.0 Mickey Emoji Pink Edition Latest Version Download Now

Software update NRWhatsApp 3.00 based on

the last version 2.17.296

Modify Ismail Alkasim

What's new in version 3.00 ?

Theo WhatsApp all thi building.

Copy worth the download

*Update copy market 2.17.296
*Added smiley new, especially in girls
*Added feature to toggle the account is extremely English and Arabic
*Added world of Eve 
*The Department of Ho kitchen, Ho
*All Eve
*Added a special section in the outfits (exclusive) only in version NRWhatsApp
*Contains the beauty of the veil 
*Beautiful hair rolls
*And soften the skin 
*All about womenwomen
*Added frequently asked questions and their solutions without the net
*Added sites download Android apps Android scramble
*Has been added to the Qur'an,
*Extra oasis reminders
*Extra prayer times
*Add misc section
*Department of me bodybuilding
*The Department does not currency
*Section to see the ambience of the weather
*And the addition of the flowers
*And the addition of an New
*You can retrieve any message after being sent will be deleted from all devices that sent him
*(Exclusive) you can now disable automatic downloads for the media of each conversation (the profile of any conversation, and then select the media Auto-Download)
*(Exclusive) you can now send a message or call a number not saved in your device such as application Viber (go to the Library section and click on the button floating)
*Possibility of installing 100 conversation at the top
*Now you notice in case there's a new update for the program via the update of the antenna
*Add option number 5.5 to send photos size and quality of the original
*(Exclusive) possibility to hide you've seen the case of one particular conversation(the profile of any conversation and privacy)
*(Exclusively) the possibility to choose the video player through the option number 6.19
*Now when you receive or send several images will be assembled in an album
*Add option number 6.17 to disable the meter messages on the icon of the program
*Add option number 6.18 to choose the search engine animated Giphy - Tenor
*You can now find on the VSAT via search
*A new design for the call
*You can now edit scheduled message after the scheduled
*You can now put the case in writing (store)
*You can now watch programs and games from the File Manager to WhatsApp
*Now you will be backup the conversations daily.
*Repair does not work whatsapp.log
*Fixed not working scheduled messages in some setups
*Fixed not working option to search for new software update
*Fixed the option to switch account
Repair option backup oesting
*Updated Turkish Spanish Italian
*Turkish language support
*Fixes another

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