NOWhatsApp & WhatsApp+ v9.11 Latest Update Version Download Now

WhatsApp, NOWhatsApp, NOWhatsApp2, and NOWhatsApp3
V9.11 is based on issue 2.17.323
To activate four versions of PlusPlus to operate on one device without a routine
And with the same advantages
By modifying your brother / Abu Omar

Before putting up the subject I want to clarify some things about the four versions

+ WhatsApp 
Works as an alternative to the official accountant 
It does not support Galaxy Note 3 + 4 + 6 + 7 + 8 and Galaxy S6 + 7 + 7
In addition to any device that does not come with the official account is already installed
NOWhatsApp, NOWhatsApp2, and NOWhatsApp3
These copies work alongside the official Walsab and Balas as the second, third and fourth digit
Supports all devices including 3 + 4 + 5 + 7 + 8 + Wallace 3+ 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8
What's New in v9.10?

Add option to lock passwords with password (plus - lock settings) 
* Add option to lock any conversation with password (enter conversation to lock - Options - Lock conversation) 
* Add option to play videos of player of your choice (Plus settings) (More settings - select media player) 
* Add option to disable message counter on program icon (Plus settings - More settings - Stop message counter) 
* Delete any message you sent to any conversation for a maximum of five minutes (select the message and press the icon) And then delete them all) 
* Add option to retrieve messages sent (BrotherSee message then options and recovery) 
* Add an option to alert you to your status 
* Activate album feature when sending more than 4 photos or video
* Add an option to delete the media from the device when deleting a conversation (press and hold the conversation) 
* Add 29 program icons (total 46 icon) 
* Add filters to the images before sending them 
* Add the line of the patch 
* When you are in a video call you can click the button Go back to continue the video call within the window (Picture in Picture) only on Android 8.0 and above 
* Repair the option to uninstall the new (new) status interface 
* Repair the option to change the language of the application 
* Repair the backup and restore option 
* Fix the application crash when attempting to make or receive a call 
* Other
+ WhatsApp + NOWhatsApp + NOWhatsApp2 + NOWhatsApp3 features
Copy Do not ask for an update, secure and against the ban God willing 

Activate via text message Add option to list names instead of status list or instead of call log list Add option to activate script mode Improved option to fix icon counter You can now choose the name of the program on the home screen Improved option to delete the remnants of the program 
Add the option to send a message to any number is not saved in your device Add option to make text in the option of the option AddStory and 
add to hide the appearance without the need to enter the account 
Add an option to hide all alerts when a new message arrives (Settings Plus - The 
possibility of sending all types of files (mp3, mp4, apk, exe, zip, rar 
The ability to write text format in the chat box before sending the 
possibility of installing 100 conversation instead of 3 in the top 
supports all devices Galxi S series and Galxi Note - Htc - Nexus is 
working as a number of second and third and fourth (copy NOWhatsApp + NOWhatsApp2 + NOWhatsApp3 only) 
add a display last appearance option On the main 
chat screen, add the option of not telling the sender that you have read his or her status (the "Plus" settings - Privacy settings - See the new "new" status) 
Add an option to alert you when someone changes the image. Personal) 
Ability to select more than ten clips pictures or video And send it to your case directly the 
possibility of converting any video of any size to a moving image and sent
The possibility of sending a video to your case up to ten minutes instead of 30 seconds 
Add the option to download the cases of your friends directly (go to the status and you will find an icon below the case, click on it and after the download you will find in the file Contacts Status) 
Add an option to activate and disable the privacy of custom contacts and groups Chat information and privacy settings) 
Ability to choose a message to view later 
Encryption of messages 
Ability to change writing style (italic - wide - line italics). For more details click here 
View profile photos in conversation 
Add an option to view pictures of people in conversation 
Add an option to view Photo Gallery Persons in the group to 
add the option to display the Picture in conversation 
Add an option to display the Picture in the group to 
add the option to control the size profile pictures in chat
Add option to check the existence of an update 
Ability to send files in several formats (pdf, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, unknown) 
Privacy Options 
Counter Groups 
Add an option to put your name and number instead of WhatsApp in the Home screen 
Add an option to hide your number in The main screen to 
add the option to hide the audio recording icon to 
add the option to hide the camera icon to 
add the option to delete the remnants of the program to 
add the option to create a shortcut to the program icon (and works on it unread messages counter) 
add an option to change the conversation bubble shape to 
add the option to change the health form - Sahan receipt - Sahan reading 
add Read whatsApp + .log option to see your friends' moves (m Has changed its image / status / who has become connected) 
can make the conversation unread
New settings to mute each chat individually and customize each tone 
Add option Hide conversation archiving 
Add option Hide contact picture in conversation screen 
Add option Hide the line between the conversations in the home screen 
Add option Hide the line between calls in the call interface 
Add option Hide font separation between the contacts in the interface contacts the 
possibility of seeing the situation of persons in the main talks screen 
possibility to see the overall situation in the conversation screen to 
add the option to hide the situation of persons in the main talks screen 
add the option to hide the general situation in the conversation screen 
Akhva • Contacts, groups, and groups that are mapped 
Add a Data Copy and Connection feature with the ability to restore later
Hide name and date when copying two or more messages to 
add the option to hide the notifications annoying in versions of the Crown Bob 
send a video size of 30 MB instead of 16 , the 
possibility of sending more than 90 image unit batch instead of 10 
add a toast call option or knowledge of the Treaty your number 
's inclusion in the conversation When using the online search option 
Add an option to delete the recently used alias 
Add an option to put your name instead of 'WhatsApp' in the chats 
Copy status 
Save the display image 
Pressing the link in the case 
Pressing the link in the conversation without having to store the sender number 
Change the program icon 
Possibility Change the notifications icon 
to select a part of the contact status
Ability to distinguish between private and group messages 
Increase case letters to 256 characters 
Ability to select part of text 
Add floating button in main conversation screen 
Add option to control floating button 
Add option to make settings background black 
Write 10,000 characters associated with media instead of 160 characters 
Add color adjustment option (conversations - chat bubbles - color line - the main talks screen upper -albar) 
add a contact to confirm when you press the call icon in the conversations window and call list 
to preview links in the conversation 
when you receive a contact you immediately without having correspondent Store number 
decoder block for links Aletiligram 
Add an option to convert images from the circle to the square 
Add an option to control angle images

Privacy setting for each conversation / group on its own

Group privacy settings 

Enter group group and then Options-Group information-Privacy settings

Privacy settings for contacts 

Enter conversation and then Options - View contact - Privacy settings

How to install and restore conversations for the first time is "very important"

First to the WhatsApp + version which acts as an alternative to the official accountant
1 - Make a backup of the conversations 

2 - Delete the official account 
3 - Install the copy on your device 
4 - Put your number and then 

Second, to copy NOWhatsApp, NOWhatsApp2, NOWhatsApp3, or for those who want to switch from official only 

to the Galaxy Note 3 + 4 + 6 + 7 and Galaxy S6 + 7 devices,

1 - Make a backup of the conversations 

2 - Go to Settings - Application - WhatsApp application and scan data 
3 - Install the modified version 
4 - Click the option "Copy whatSapp data" in the activation screen number 
5 - Put your number and then


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