GAWhatsApp v5 Latest Version By Alabidi_tech

What's new in v5 update? 

* Possibility Alwatsab lock password 
* Possibility to install the talks unlimited number at the top of the screen 
* possibility of a description of the groups (only for supervisors) 
* Possibility to recover the message (option) 
* the possibility of writing a text case 
* the possibility of writing description groups the number of 2000 characters 
* Possibility to send files Sound - sized up to 100MB instead of 16MB 
* possibility of sending size up to 1GB documents 
* possibility to use filters for the image before sending 
* add the option to find out who is online now 
* add the option to put the name in themiddle 
* add the option to retrieve the old format of Oatsab (2014) 
* add counter Groups of Statistics number of Members Messages 
* add option to manage pain Fat used and waste survey
* Add payment option via WhatsApp to send and receive money 
* Add the option to control the image quality case before sending 
* Add the option to control the size of theimage status before sending 
* Add the option to control the size of avideo case 
* Add the option to control the size ofmedia images 
* Add the option to control the quality ofmedia images 
* add an option to precisely control media images 
* add an option to clear VSAT recently used
* add the option to read prophets them stories of peace with the possibility of copying and sharing 
* add some of the Holy Quran format theKoran to read the Koran through the application 
* add the option to read reciting themorning with the possibility of copying and sharing 
* e Spyware option to read adhkaar evening with the possibility of copying and sharing What, s New in Update v5

* [Add] Lock 

* [Ability] to Pin More Than 3 Chats 
* [Ability] to Add Description to Groups 
* [Ability] to Unsent Messages 
* [Ability] to set descriptions for groups (only for admin) 
* [Ability] to write group descriptions by 2000 Little 
* [Ability] to send 100MB audio files instead of 16MB 
* [Ability] to send documents up to 1GB 
* [Filters] can be used before sending 
* [Add] option to see who is connected now
* [ Add] option to enable Old UL 
* [Add] Option to Enable / Disable name Centred 
* [Add] a group Counter to count the number of member messages 
* [Add] Storage Usage (WhatsApp) 
* [Add] Payment to WhatsApp
* [Add] option to Status image quality 
* [Add] option to Maximum status image size 
* [Add] option to Status video maximum duration 
* [Add] option to Maximum Image Size 
* [Add] option to JPG Image Quality 
* [Add ] option to 
read Images in Full Resolution * [Add] Option to read Holly Quran in App 
* [Add] Option to read Prophets Stories with the ability to copy and share 
* [Add] Option to read morning Azkar with the ability to copy and share 
* [Add] Option to read evoking 
* [Add] Option to Clear Emoji 
* [Fix] some wrong 

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