VTWhatsApp v2.8 Latest Version By Vitaly Turina

[V2.7] Very important fixes
Update: vtlV2.8 by +Vitaly Turina​​​​​​

Changelog V2.8:
[V2.8] Very important fixes
[Added] Anty-Expiry (1 Years)
[Added] New Site !
[Fixed] Status Download WORK on all Device Now!
[Fixed] Sharing VTWhatsApp now work
[Fixed] Report now work
[Fixed] 2. Restart App Now work !
[Fixed] Changelog in main screen has been settled 
[Base ] 2.17.306
[Added] Status in Home ActionBar
[Added] New Style WAMOD
[Delete] Bubble Stock now Default
[Fixed] Hide Blue Microphone 
[Base ] 2.17.306
[Added] Splash Screen
[Added] Backup
[Added] Delete Restore for crash
[Added] Added Changelog
[Added] NEW style Settings in home screen !
[Added] delete languages
[Added] Check for update
[Added] Clear recent emojs
[Added] contact's status in chat screen
[Added] Auto update
[Added] New things added in settings 6.
[Added] Share and Report
[Added] last seen in main screen
[Added] Option to save contact's status stories
[Fixed] SMS FIX NOW!
[Fixed] Online Status
[Fixed] Maximum image resolution max 5315
[Fixed] site fix for now
Much more to find you ;)

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