GAWhatsApp v4 Latest Version By @alabidi_tech

,s New in Update v4

Update to version 2.17.300
Added option to hide the line in call screen
Add Option to send video clip up to 1GB instead of 16 MB
Add option to send images at high resolution
Add option to Disable OutPut Swiching
Fix set name & number option
Fix Backup in 5.0 devices
Other Fixes
] on version 2.17.230
• [Restore] old Status in Main Screen
• [Ability] to copy 'friends' status
• [Ability] to select & copy number of contact
• [Ability] to click on stories url
• [Ability] zoom profile
• [Ability] now you can know who revoke links of groups (just Admins)
• [Ability] set Status case the number of letters 512 characters instead of the 146 characters
• [Ability] to add 1024 member groups instead of the 256 member
• [Ability] send any files type (zip,rar,apk...)

• [Add] option to Pause Your Last seen
• [Add] option to stay connected always
• [Add] option to Hide Seen Story
• [Add] option to reset privacy option

• [Add] option to Restart App in Main screen & Alabidi Settings
• [Add] option to Hide Archived chats
• [Add] option to Make text selectable
• [Add] to Hide date and time while copying 2 message or more
• [Add] option to put your name instead of WhatsApp in the main screen
• [Add] option to put / hide the number in the Home screen
• [Add] option to open more of a conversation in the taskbar

• [Add] option to indexing contacts
• [Add] option to select Contacts
• [Add] option to revoke sent messages
• [Add] option to share locations
• [Add] option to Write Text Story

• [Add] option to a Backup your data
• [Add] option to Restore Backup data

• [Add] option Thanks
• [Add] option to share the app with friends

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