WhatsApp Soula v4.30 Lite Version Latest Download Now

What's New in Soula WA + lite & Soula wa lite 4.30?

* Updated to the version of Market 2.17.271
* Ability to select and send more than one image / video while using the camera button in the program
* Add a counter for group messages
* Adding an option to change the shape of the health - Receiving dishes - Reading health with the possibility to preview the forms of the dish before choosing any form
* Fix option to reboot automatically after exit settings
* Repair option to send images with high resolution
* Fixed the problem of sending the message of low space when sending pictures (you can still send pictures / video even if there is no empty space)
* Repair option to change the notifications icon 
* Fixed the problem of suspension during program opening
* Fixed the problem of white screen appearance during program opening
* Fix the problem of shutting down force in some devices
* Other repairs

(Modded By Sommer Damous (Soula

Whats News in SOULA WA Lite v4.20  ?
* Update to 2.17.271
* Added Group Message Counter
* Add Option to change Ticks Style in Conversation Screen with Preview
* Fixed Notification icon Changer
* Fixed Auto Restart Mod
* Fixed Option to Send High Resolution Image 
* Fixed Force Close on Some Devices 
* Fixed a problem screen appears white and the program stops working
* Removed all low-storage restrictions (can record, take pic) even if storage available is 1mb
* Many More Stability Fixes
* Other fixes

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