GAWhatsApp v3.0 Fast Stable Latest Version Download Now

Features of Wattab Plus & GAWhatsApp

Version v3

* [Update] to version 2.17.275 
* [Delete] some privacy options because (Slow to Send Messages) 
* [Open] hidden features (text status, send all file types, ..) 
* [Possibility] To groups 
* [Possibility] Select more than one image from the bottom shooting button in chat 
* [Possibility] Change text format (select text and choose formatting from top of chat) 
* [Fix] Crash in devices 5.0 and Up 
* [Fix] Settings menu and remod it 

* [Other Fixes] 

* Build on version 2.17.275
* Ability to copy status
* Ability to identify and copy the number
* The possibility of pressure on the links status / Stori
* Ability to know who canceled the group link
* Ability to enlarge profile image
* The possibility of placing the case of the number of characters 512 characters instead of 146 characters
* Ability to add 1024 members to groups instead of 256 members
* Ability to send programs, applications and files (zip, rar, apk ...)

* Retrieve old status
* Add option number 1. To restart the application to activate the options

* Add option number 1.2 to freeze the last appearance you 
* Add option 2.2 to enable / disable stay connected always
* Add option 3.2 to hide that you saw the status / storied
* Add option 4.2 to reset privacy options for default

* Add option 1.3 to put the name instead of Wattab in the main screen
* Add option 2.3 to put / hide the number on the home screen
* Add option 3.3 to hide archived chats

* Add option 1.4 to hide the name and date when copying two messages and more
* Add Option 2.4 to select part of the text
* Add Option 3.4 Multiple Chats to open more than one conversation in the taskbar

* Add option number 1.5 to activate the indexing feature of contacts
* Add option 2.5 to select contacts
* Add option 3.5 to retrieve sent messages
* Add option 4.5 to view my site
* Add option 5.5 to activate the text mode feature in the Shorty
* Add option 6.5 to activate the new interface for calls

* Add option 1.6 to make a backup copy
* Add option 2.6 to restore backup

* Add thanks option
* Add app sharing option with friends
* Add a notification option to let me know all your suggestions

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