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 version AMWhatsApp by issuing new

 features and 9:30 Extras ~
For the developer. Ee ➢ab✍oda❆. Ee Mahros➫. Ee
[ The biggest advantage is to extend the period to the date of version 2028] version update does not require stable Alavi 2028 *
* althadit version 2.17.146 Almarki * 
* amkink install any chat at the top of the list ofchats in order to reach them easily * 
*  (exclusively) the possibility of installing more than 3 conversations * 
* Send amkanah programs, games and all kinds of files * 
*  (exclusive ) Amend option 6.8 you can place alist of names instead of the status menu or instead of the call list * record 
* adhavh option to change the pattern of hidden conversations (hidden , open conversations andthen settings button) * 
* adhavh option 1.1.14 to hide the button from the tape enclosing upper conversation * 
* adhavh option 01/02/44 to hide the button from the writing box enclosing the conversation *
* aslah option 6:11 late Othello emergence pop -up notifications in issuing Noga (7.0) * 
* aslah style does not appear when you hide aconversation in some setups * 
* aslah does not appear when you open the lock of Alwatsab widget * 
* aslah some problems in hidden conversations * 
* * Other aslahat 
hkra to Akhuna Aasm Mahiob Ahmed Alnisi

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