KWhatsApp v1.2 With 2 Packages & One and Stock Emoji Latest Version

KWhatsApp Version 1.2 Download With 2 Packages & One and Stock Emoji.

Two Packages :

➥com.whatsapp - One Emoji
➥com.whatsapp - Stock Emoji
➥com.KWhatsapp - One Emoji
➥com.KWhatsapp - Stock Emoji


Changelog 🔵🔵 KWhatsapp Latest Version : 🔵🔵

●All Bugs Fixed..

●One Emojis

●Second Package

●Base Update To 2.17.201

● Possibility Send Video To The Status (Unlimited) (Only for Users My Mod can Set Video To Status More Than 30 A Second)

● Apk Sharing Limit Increased to 120MB

●More Stability Fixes..

●And More...

🔺 KWhatsApp's Features 🔻

●Privacy And Open Chat Add To Home.
●Fast , Secure , Stable and Clean as Stock
●Globle Privacy (choose Privacy for Groups, Broadcasts, Contacts) With Custom Privacy
●Send any file type (zip, rar, apk, exe, etc..)
●Size Just 21 m
●Option to Enable New Voip Ui
●Sms Verification Fixed
●Media Sharing Limit Increased to 700MB (send video(s) upto 700MB)
●Document Sharing Limit Increased to 120MB
●Broadcast Limit Increased to 600(Not Tested)
●Status character limit increased from 25 to 35 characters
●Disable Image share limit.
●Disabled copying details (Date, Time, Name) while copying 2 or more messages..
●Fast Backup and Restore
●Restore Button like wa reborn
●Status character limit increased from 139 to 256 characters
●Select text in conversation
●See Your Name And Status @ Home Action Bar.
●Removed Call icon from chat screen which is now in Menu (No More Accidental Calls) !But Come Back Also.!
●Hide Archive Chat
●Copy Contact Status.
●Permanent Mute Option.
●Disabled copying details And Txt Select.
●Contact Online Toast.
●Group Message Counter.
●Clear Recent Emojis.
●Profile Pic Zoom.
●Other Will Be Found By YourSelf.
●All Hidden Feature Unlocked.

🔴🔴 Note 🔴🔴

✔ If Any Bug Found, Report Please!
👉 Sorry For Late Release I'm Very Busy..

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[com.whatsapp] - One Emoji - Download
[com.whatsapp] - Stock Emoji Download

[com.KWhatsapp] - One Emoji - Download
[com.KWhatsapp] - Stock Emoji Download

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