Fouad WhatsApp v6.55 ReMod Edition Light & Fast Version By Ismael Hadra Download Now

Read please:

Only change sounds incoming, send, voice note error star, stop and end call.

Only Emoji Flag
I remove all variant emojis and i put flag emojis with all update emojis ( please in variant emojis option only choose stock, the other emojis are not there and can cause fc if you choose them)

I've changed some icons for launcher.

This mod is more light only size 31.9mb

+Fouad Mokdad
+Yousef Al-Basha
For yowha and fouad whatsapp

♦Credit & Thanks: (In-App now)


◾ Whats News in 6.55

• [Base update] 2.17.111
• [Exclusive] Save Stories Videos/Images!!
• [Exclusive] Send any file type (zip, rar, apk, exe, etc..)
• [Exclusive] Pinned Chats (Long click on chat and click pin icon)
• [Added] Forward icon (option 3.1.25)
• [Added] Forward background (options 3.1.26)
• [Added] Missed call text (option 3.1.27)
• [Added] Missed call icon (option 3.1.28)
• [Added] Missed call bubble (option 3.1.29)
• [Added] Date Divider text color (option 3.1.30)
• [Added] Date Bubble (option 3
• [Added] Participants Color (Option 3.1.32)
• [Added] Load Theme to choose theme (xml) from sdcard
• [Added] Change Quote Colors (Options: 3.1.18, ..., 3.1.21)
• [Added] Change Emoji header color (Option 3.1.22)
• [Added] Change Emoji header icons color (Option 3.1.23)
• [Added] Change Emoji picker background color (Option 3.1.24)
• [Added] Support to disable heads-up in Android 7.0+ (Option 1.3.6)
• [Added] WhatsApp Round icon
• [Fixed] Android 7.1.1 Shortcuts
• [Fixed] In-conversation Translation
• [Updated] In-App Language changer Translations
• [] Speed Improvements
• [] Bug fixes


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