GAWhatsApp v3.5 Latest Version With Font Changer Edition Download Now

Whats New In Update?

Almarki update to version 2.17.79
* Update to version 2.17.79

* the possibility of sending an audio clip (music) size up to 1GB GB instead of 100 MB
* Added option to the Send the Clip Audio Last upto 1 GB switch instead of 100 MB Download now

* the possibility of sending a video clip size up 1GB Giga's instead of 16 MB
* added option to the Send Video upto 1 GB switch instead of 30 MB Download now

* added an option to change the format of the application line for several lines
* added option - to change fonts Style to More fonts

* activation interface old Alwatsab without the condition of the large number of complaints from the new interface with the ability to refer to the new
* Enable old Appearances Ul

* the ability to display messages sent from anyone in the group separately (Open any group , and then click on any name , and then choose to view messages sent from that person or lighter profile group , and then choose any member and choose Showing messages from this user)
* Exclusive) Ability to View Trade shows All Messages from a Specific person of a Group ( the Go to Group Profile User Name Remember - the Click on the member Name - View Msg sent by vBulletin® that person) (to Theme this page - go the to options Clicking on View after Msg by vBulletin® That person)

* added option No. 2.5.7 the software will alert you when any person to change his image personal
* Exclusive) Toast Whenever any contact changes a Profile User Name Remember Pic ( the Mod 2.5.7)

* you can convert any video clip whatever the size of the moving picture and send it
* Exclusive) Now send any Video upto 30mb color : as a GIF

* possibility of opening a new chat from the floating button
* added new Chat option - in Fab
* added an option to read the Koran stories without the Net and the ability to copy stories
* added new option for . read Quran Stories

* add the new case feature (Alsturi)
* added new Ul

* added VSAT new Alwatsab
* added new Emojis

* added an option in the list of privacy preventing know anyone that you have seen its status
* added Hide View Status Privacy (do not tell contact That you have viewed hwy Story ALL STAR / status) (Options On - Privacy - Hide View status)
(exclusively) add 5.4 option to place the case with high accuracy
* exclusive) added Ability to Upload Videos & Image with high Quality in status / Stories (Mod 5.4)

* repair Translate talks can now translate chat messages into several languages
* Fixed translation in chats
* Fixed a problem shut down by force in some devices
* Fixed Crash

* reforms button direct entry
Fixed the direct Entery *

* repair hide the appearance of the widget
* Fixed Widget (now works Charm like)
* reform does not appear the option of modifying the specificity of the situation
* Fixed Status in Privacy Settings
* repair option No. 2.4.11 to change the size of the rows in the list of names
* Fixed the Mod 2.4.11
* fix send chat by email
* Fixed | email Chat
* Other reforms
* Other fixed

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