Fouad WhatsApp v6.15 kary ReMod Edition With New Icons And Ticks Latest Version

πŸ”΄ Whats News in 6.10

πŸ”Ή[Added]New Entry Mood With Cam,Viber,Xtreme,WAMA,Hike Messenger
πŸ”Ή[Added]New Ticks Total (80)
πŸ”Ή[Added]New Bubbles 3D,Kitty,Gody,Bordy,Mood,Crayon Alt v2,Win,Edge
πŸ”Ή[Added]New Fonts And Girly Fonts Total (50)
πŸ”Ή[Added] Confirm before applying theme, prevent applying theme by mistake
πŸ”Ή[Fixed] Themes
πŸ”Ή[Fixed] video call/video/GIF crash (90%)
πŸ”Ή[Fixed] Downloading Theme Wallpaper multiple times
πŸ”Ή[Fixed] 1.3.4 Conversation Cards, now shows names
πŸ”Ή[Fixed] 1.3.7 Always online
πŸ”Ή[Fixed] 1.3.6 Disable Heads-up Notification
πŸ”Ή[Fixed] 3.1.1 Conversation Background color
πŸ”Ή[Fixed] 3.3.0 Custom Wallpaper per contact
πŸ”ΉMORE SPEEEEEED everywhere<br/>
πŸ”Ή[NEW]YoSettings UI and Re-organized
πŸ”Ή[New]Colors preview next to Colors options in YoMods
πŸ”Ή[NEW]Developer message, enable me to send messages to YoWA users easily!
πŸ”Ή[Added] 1.3.1 Emoji Changer/variant
πŸ”Ή[Added]New Donate/Support options
πŸ”Ή[Added] Automatic detects bright colors and change statusbar icons
πŸ”Ή[Added] Translate Option for Changelog and Developer messages
πŸ”Ή[Added] Allo Ticks and 3D bubbles
πŸ”Ή[Added/Fixed].... Alot of things! Too long to write! Discover it yourself
πŸ”Ή YoWhatsApp is now decompile-able and you can make mods



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