YOWhatsApp v6.25 Latest Version [DUAL WHATSAPP MODs] With Emoji Or Without Emoji Changer

Owner: Yousef Al-Basha
[Base Update] 2.17.24 Play store
[New] Privacy-Only Mode (see YoMods Top-right)
[New] Android Nougat 7.1 Shortcuts
[Added] Change Hyperlinks color (Option 3.1.17)
[Added] Lock access to YoWA from Widget, when it's locked
[Fixed] Hide 2nd Tick
[Fixed] Actionbar color (Option 3.1.0)
[Fixed] Themes Wallpaper not applying
[Fixed] Elapsed time for Arabic users
[Improved] no need to restart YoWA to apply changes :)
[Improved] Restore theme automatically restarts
[Improved] in-conversation Translating
[Finally-Fixed] Invite button in contacts
[Misc] Minor Bug fixes
[Misc] Enough talking... Discover yourself ;)

WhatsApp Xposed Users:
To prevent problems: Disable any WhatsApp Xposed Modules first, Restart, and Install V6.25 and Then re-enable!!

Date: 05-Jan-2017
• [Added] Confirm before applying theme, prevent applying theme by mistake
• [Fixed] com.yowhatsapp Themes
• [Fixed] com.yowhatsapp video call/video/GIF crash (90%)
• [Fixed] Downloading Theme Wallpaper multiple times
• [Fixed] 1.3.4 Conversation Cards, now shows names
• [Fixed] 1.3.7 Always online
• [Fixed] 1.3.6 Disable Heads-up Notification
• [Fixed] 3.1.1 Conversation Background color
• [Fixed] 3.3.0 Custom Wallpaper per contact 

Date: 01-Jan-2017
V6 =New year edition
Base: 2.16.363
• MORE SPEEEEEED everywhere
• [NEW] YoSettings UI and Re-organized
• [New] Colors preview next to Colors options in YoMods
• [NEW] Developer message, enable me to send messages to YoWA users easily!
• [Added] 1.3.1 Emoji Changer/variant
• [Added] New Donate/Support options
• [Added] Automatic detects bright colors and change statusbar icons
• [Added] Translate Option for Changelog and Developer messages


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