NOWhatsApp & WhatsApp+ v8.30 Latest Version Download Now

packges name:

com.whatsapp (WA +)
com.nowhatsapp (NOWA)
com.nowhatsapp2 (NOWA)

* ChangeLog v8.30
Update + WhatsApp & NOWhatsApp & NOWhatsApp2

Moded By Abo Norah - AndRoid 4Us

Whats New in v8.30

* Update base To v2.16.354
* Video Calls Working Now
* Add Option to make normal call from
* Add option to Enable and Disable Video
* Added Ability to call by clicking on
* Add option to Enable and Disable Privacy
* Ability to search Gifs in Chats.
* Add option to Enable and Disable New
* Add option to Enable and Disable 2
* Add option to Enable and Disable Contact
* Fixed Contact Online Toast
* Other fixes

Chats you frequently contact now appear when forwarding
While recording videos, slide your finger up
A new front-facing flash helps you
* Anti Ban and update
* Support All Galxi S + Note series
* Works as Second and Third number (
* Spicail Folder for NOWA and NOWA2
* Add option to Set your status on
* Ability to send Broadcast Message to 1000
* Add option to Send Heigh resolution Photo
* Add option to Change the size of
* Add option to Change App Language
* Mantain different wallpaper image for every chat
* Add option to Translation and Copy Translated
* Add option to change app font style
* Add option to change app font size
* Add option to Disable Voice Calls
Add New Chat Bubbles (Total 34)
Add New Chat Ticks (Total 44)
* The possibility of distinguishing between normal and
* Activation via direct Sms code for no
* Ability to star important messages to read
* App works much faster and smoother
* Enabled End-to-end Message
* Add option Check For Ubdate
* Privacy Settings
* Group Counter
* Add Option to change Bubbles Style in
* Add Option to change Ticks Style in
* Add read NOWhatsApp.log (See who changed
* Mark chats unread or read
* Per chat custom notification settings and mute
* Add Option to hide archived chats footer
* Add Option to hide contacts profile pic
* Add option to Hide grey line between
* Add option to Hide grey line between
* Add option to Hide grey line between
* Online Status in chat rows (main
* Ability See contact status in conversation screen
* Add option to hide Contact Status in
* Add option to hide General Status in
* Hide the possibility of notices separately (
* Add feature to copy WhatsApp data and
* Hide name and the date when two
* Add option to disable the appearance of
* The possibility of sending size video 30
* The possibility of sending more than 90
* Add feature toast contact online (to
* Added Pics in Conversation when use SearchWeb
* Add option to Delete Recent Emojis
* Add option to put your name and
* Add option to hide your number instead
* Copy Status
* Save the profile image
* The possibility of pressing status in the
* The possibility of click on the links
* Add option to change the program icon
* The possibility of Select a part of
* The possibility of put the case of
* The possibility of identifying part of the
* Added option to delete the Logs of
* Added option to create a shortcut icon
* Added FAB in Main Screen
* Added optin to include many options to
* Add option Dark Theme for Settings
* Ability to write up to 10000 letters
* Add option to change color of (
* Add confirmation window before you call in
* Ability to preview links in Conversations
* Ability to chat with received attached contact
* Unblock Telegram links in Conversations
* Added option to hide the voice recording
* Added option to hide the Camera icon
* Ability to Change Pics from Circular to

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