mini WhatsApp+ Custom Patch v8.0 ROOT requires Base update to 2.16.378

❤️ Hot Features ❤️
🔥 Disable Heads-up notifications (customizable)
🔥 Hide last seen (customizable), blue ticks (customizable), writing, blue voice notes
🔥 Send HD pics without compression (customizable)
🔥 Unlocked hidden features
🔥 Media sharing limit to 72 MB
🔥 Send more than 10 images/videos simultaneously
🔥 Status limit to 255
🔥 Remove details (date,time & name) while copying multiple messages (customizable)
🔥 Photo/video Caption limit increased to 4000+ characters
🔥 Disable proximity sensor while playing voice notes (customizable)

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 Fresh Install :

   1. Delete “WhatsApp.apk” & “WhatsApp.upgrade” files from /sdcard/WhatsApp/ folder if there are any (Do this only one time after this it will never download beta apk again)
    2.Download & Install both ("official" whatsapp & lucky patcher) apks from download tab. Also download both patches' txt files.
   3. Setup whatsapp by going through number verification
    4.Open Lucky Patcher=> Settings=> Click on “Change Directory” & remember that path.
   5. Navigate to that path in file manager app, then place both downloaded patchs' txt files in same folder.
    6.Open Lucky patcher => Click on WhatsApp from app list=> Open Menu of Patches=> Custom Patch=> Depending on your choice of privacy (hideprivacy & showprivacy) "Apply Patch"=> (it will take some time so wait) Once it finishes Open WhatsApp.
   7. Boom enjoy mini WA+ on Official WhatsApp

Customize :
If you're OK with default tweaks made by patch,then you dont need to customize it. But if not then get ready to create your own child-patch. We're going to create different patch for your personal use.

    Child patches : are .txt files which will be created by you in lucky patcher's folder so that it won't affect official patches.
    Pattern : is 2 line of code in patches' .txt files. 1st line contains {"original":" bla bla bla"}
    Similarly 2nd line contains {"replaced":" bla bla bla"}

General steps :

    Open patcher => Settings => Change Directory => Remember path and open that path in file manager
    You'll find "hideprivacy_com.whatsapp.txt" and "showprivacy_com.whatsapp.txt" files in that folder. Copy-paste both files in same folder with new names "hideprivacy-child_com.whatsapp.txt" and "showprivacy-child_com.whatsapp.txt"
    Now we're going to edit new "child" patches.
    Open child patches' txt files to edit. Scroll to bottom. Read and delete block(s) as you want.
    Open lucky patcher => WhatsApp => Open Menu of Patches => Custom Patch. You'll see addition of child patches along with official patches.

    Apply child patches and BOOM you have your customized patch.

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