GB WhatsApp v4.91 Club America Edition LAtest Version [ReBorn]

* update to version 2.16.259 almarki
* (only) the possibility of sending an audio clip (song) to 100
MB instead of 16 MB
* the possibility of the modification of the images before sending them
* the possibility of sending animations
* now you can send messages or re-routed to several
Chats at the same time.
* add almenchen function in the community
* to record video clips now can scan the finger up or
Down to zoom in or out the picture.
* allows you to flash the light from the front to take pictures of my predecessor in the dark.
* Add 2.4.10 to option to change the background color of a call button
* Addendum 02.02.32 option to change the color of the icon ha in contact deputy
* fixed a problem to send the video in some devices
* appears on the screen of repair in white when they attached an image of some
* other reforms

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