Fouad WhatsApp v5.03 With Kitty Icon And Ticks Edition Latest Version

⚪ Whats News in 5.03

🔺New Base Updated to 2.16.310
🔺 (Exclusive) Elapsed Time instead of
🔺 (Exclusive) Option to make normal
🔺Added New Emojis (send Big Emojis)
🔺Added Doodle (Now add edit pics with
🔺Added Option to set duration for Online Toast
🔺Added option to Send Audio Clip upto 100mb
🔺Added Option to change color of Group name
🔺Added Option to change Background of Emoji in
🔺Added Farsi Language Translation
🔺Fixed WhatsApp.Log
🔺Fixed Return to Default wallpaper when use mod
🔺Fixed GB Widget in some devices
🔺Other Fixes
🔺Other Stability Fixes
🔺Anti Expired
🔺Unlocked Share With FB
🔺Media Limit Mod: 70 MB
🔺Centralized All Title Cards
🔺Added More Mute Conversation Options
🔺Added more docs file support pdf, xls
🔺Added Multi Task Conversations
🔺Added more docs file support pdf, xls
🔺 Added Anti Lag Codes
🔺 Removed Suspicious Links & Memory Dumps
🔺 Added Animations for Theme Prefs Activities
🔺 Disabled Downloading Of APK in the background
🔺 Extended Media Caption To 4K
🔺Full Apk Optimized for low-end devices
🔺Added back contact name in center
🔺Added more ticks total (90)
🔺Changed the lock design
🔺Added Text entry size
🔺Added more entry style total (13)
🔺Added UL Call Color
🔺Added Option to hide atttach button in conversation
🔺Removed the poppup <visit the developer>
🔺Added Home Style:

2- Stock counter in photo
3- Telegram
4- WACA counter

🔺Added MOD 1.2.0 with ability to change between
2- Hangouts
4- Mood
6- Imessage
8. Xtreme
9- SuperMan
10. SpiderMan
11- SeachBar
12. Aran
13. Simple
14- WANH
15. Rounded

🔺Other Fixes

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