AB WhatsApp v1.40 Latest Version By Anish Beknalkar

AB WhatsApp v1.40 Latest Version*

1. Remove the ads to be more light and
2. Center name in conversation header
3. New entry : mood entry style (changed
from default entry)
4. Removed call icon in conversation header
5. Removed suspicious memory dump
6. Centralized card title
7. New incoming & send message sound
8. Others changes...
P.S : ONLY Stock Emojis
What's new in v1.40
[ New ] Base Updated to 2.16.310
[ Exclusive ] Elapsed Time instead of Last
Seen on Main Screen (Mod 2.2.2c) (use 24hr
time format)
[ Exclusive ] Option to make normal call from
in app instead of WhatsApp call
[ Added ] New Emojis (send Big Emojis)
[ Added ] Option to increase the limit to send
audio (Mod 5.3)
[ Added ] Doodle (Now add edit pics with
emojis & text)
[ Added ] Farsi Language Translation
[ Added ] Option to change color of Group
name while Forwarding a msg (Mod 2.4.14)
[ Added ] Option to change Background of
Emoji in Pop-up Notification (Mod 3.14)
[ Added ] Option to set duration for Online
Toast (Mod 2.5.4)
[ Fixed ] WhatsApp.Log
[ Fixed ] Return to Default wall when use mod
[ Fixed ] AB Widget
Other Stability Fixes...

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