mini WhatsApp+ v7.0 Custom Patch Latest Version

 What's New :

    ( v7.0 ) 27 October 2016
  • Biggest update ever !!!. Made patch from scratch.
  • Hide blue ticks feature is now customizable.
  • Unlocked hidden features (Make yourself feel special !)
  • Made patch UNIVERSAL (means it will "try to" work with other bases). i.e. patch made for 2.16.318 worked with 2.16.324.
  • "Fully supports" (might support other bases) new base 2.16.324.
  • Customization is much more easier now. Read updated instructions.
  • Official whatsapp changes : mentions,video calls,group invite links,animated GIFs,stickers on pics/videos,front facing flash,write text on pics/videos with various fonts,iOS 10 emojis, UI tweaks and more.

 Features of Patch

  1. Unlike modded apks No backend tracking or ads, Completely open code (txt files)
  2. Patch is 100% AntiBan cause it is applied on official apk
  3. Hide Privacy : Last Seen (customizable), Blue Ticks (customizable), Writing, voice notes played indicator (No more breakups with GF(s) !!!)
  4. Unblocked hidden features(Make yourself feel special :D)
  5. Send High quality pictures & videos without compression (customizable) (Send HQ wallpapers via whatsapp !!!)
  6. Share media upto 72 MB size. (Please dont misuse this feature, if u know what i mean :P)
  7. Removed In app beta version updater.
  8. Disabled sensor detection while playing voice notes (customizable)
  9. Send unlimited (instead of 10) images/videos simultaneously
  10. Status limit increased to 255 from 139. (Write blogs in your status ?!)
  11. Disabled addition of details (date,time & name) while copying multiple messages (customizable)
  12. Media Caption limit increased from 160 to 4000+ characters. (Wanna share thesis ?)
  13. Disabled Heads-Up Notifications. (customizable)
  14. To differentiate between 2 patches, in HIDEPRIVACY patch date text color in main screen is changed to RED.
    Black Dates=SHOWPRIVACY

Fresh Install :

  1. Delete “WhatsApp.apk” & “WhatsApp.upgrade” files from /sdcard/WhatsApp/ folder if there are any (Do this only one time after this it will never download beta apk again)
  2. Download & Install both ("official" whatsapp & lucky patcher) apks from download tab. Also download both patches' txt files.
  3. Setup whatsapp by going through number verification
  4. Open Lucky Patcher=> Settings=> Click on “Change Directory” & remember that path.
  5. Navigate to that path in file manager app, then place both downloaded patchs' txt files in same folder.
  6. Open Lucky patcher => Click on WhatsApp from app list=> Open Menu of Patches=> Custom Patch=> Depending on your choice of privacy (hideprivacy & showprivacy) "Apply Patch"=> (it will take some time so wait) Once it finishes Open WhatsApp.
  7. Boom enjoy mini WA+ on Official WhatsApp

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