Fouad Whatsapp v4.94 ReMod Edition Latest Version

Fouad v4.92 

Edit to make it more feminine ... 

new icons 
Changes in the sounds of sending and receiving 
Added some ticks. 

⚪ Whats News in 4.93

🔺[ New ] Base Updated to 2.16.259
🔺Added a font style to choose between 40 fonts
🔺Added back the languages changer
🔺Added my own server themes
🔺Added more ticks total (85)
🔺[ Exclusive ] Ability to Send Audio Clip upto 100mb instead of 16mb
🔺[ Unlocked ] All Hidden Features (Gifs, Mentions, Doodle, MultiCast etc.)
🔺[ Added ] Option to Change Background Color of Invite Button in Contacts Screen (Mod 2.4.10A)
🔺[ Added ] Option to Change Color of attached contact icon on Main Screen (Mod 2.32.2)
🔺[ Fixed ] Error Sending Videos in Few Devices
🔺[ Fixed ] White Screen while Attaching Images in Few Devices
🔺Other Stability Fixes
🔺Anti Expired
🔺Unlocked Share With FB
🔺Media Limit Mod : 70 MB
🔺Centralized All Title Cards
🔺Added More Mute Conversation Options
🔺Added Multi Task Conversations
🔺Added more docs file support pdf,xls,txt,doc,ppt,vcard,xlsx,txt,rtf,docx,pptx,zip
🔺Added Multi Task Conversations
🔺Added more docs file support pdf,xls,txt,doc,ppt,vcard,xlsx,txt,rtf,docx,pptx,zip
🔺 Added Anti Lag Codes
🔺 Removed Suspicious Links & Memory Dumps
🔺 Added Animations for Theme Prefs Activities
🔺 Disabled Downloading Of APK in the background
🔺 Extended Media Caption To 4K
🔺Full Apk Optimized for low-end devices
🔺Added back contact name in center
🔺Added more ticks total (60)
🔺Changed the lock design
🔺Added Text entry size
🔺Added more entry style total (13)
🔺Added UL Call Color
🔺Added Option to hide atttach button in conversation
🔺Removed the poppup < visit the developer > message
🔺Added Home Style:

2- Stock counter in photo
3- Telegram
4- WACA counter

🔺Added MOD 1.2.0 with ability to change between 13 different Text-Entry Styles Will add more in next update:- 1- Default
2- Hangouts
4- Mood
6- Imessage
8- Xtreme
9- SuperMan
10- SpiderMan
11- SeachBar
12- Aran
13- Simple

🔺Other Fixes



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4 Responses to " Fouad Whatsapp v4.94 ReMod Edition Latest Version"

  1. hi,there is 2 links com.what... y, if I have gb 4.81 wich one download?

    1. com.whatsapp this rplace the orignal whatsapp and com.gbwhatsapp this rplace the gb whatsapp and frst unistall the others whatsapp then install

  2. No verification. Connecting since long and then crashes.
    Previously it used to connect and send verification sms in a minute. Some problems. Thanks.