WAP WhatsApp v4.3.0 By Peter Kuefer Latest Version

WAP v4.3.0
[Please read the note before installing]

~Features (CHANGELOG) ~
> Base updated to latest playstore base (2.16.259)
> No Ads, No Watermarks
> Fast, Secure, Stable and Clean as Stock
> Moved 'Status and Phone' card to its old location
> Ability to Freeze last seen, hide double tick & blue tick
> Hide Date & Time while copying messages
> Hide Archived Chat
> Make Text & Numbers selectable
> Group message counter
> Disable image share limit and Video Size Limit
> Ability to change Document Size ( from 0MB to 1GB )
> Ability to change Image Size ( from 0KB to 10.24MB )
> Ability to change Image Quality ( from 0% to 100% ) 
> Ability to change image Resolution ( from 0PX to 3840PX ) ( Can send 4K images ) 
> Backup & restore data (similar to Titanium backup)
[NEW] Added toggle to on/off Doodles feature
[NEW] Added toggle to on/off Mentions feature
[NEW] Added toggle to on/off GIF support
[NEW] Added toggle to on/off Group invitation link

~ Downloads ~
> Stock Emoji Variant : Download Now
> Google Emoji Variant : Download Now

Scnd Pkg

~ Downloads ~
> Stock Emoji Variant : Download Now
> Google Emoji Variant : Download Now

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