Yo WhatsApp 4.00 Latest Version Download Now

[Base Update] 2.16.230
[Unlocked] All hidden features: GIF sharing, Group invite, Doodle, Video calls, MultiCast, etc..
[Exclusive] Seperate Tab for GIF in Gallery Attachment
[Added] New Dribble and Dribble V2 Entry
[Added] Option 2.13.2 Change Mic/Send circle color
[Added] Hide/Freeze Last Seen from FAB
[Added] 77+ Ticks style
[Fix] Hide 2nd Tick Delay
[Fix] Blue Ticks Delay
[Fix] Main Screen Attachment/Mute Icons colors
[Fix] Videos Sending Problem
[Fix] Statusbar color change to Teal
[Fix] Many bug fixes
Explore the rest your self ;)

7 Responses to "Yo WhatsApp 4.00 Latest Version Download Now"

  1. Bahi yo wp downlode qu dika raha he next update 4 nov 17

  2. Install kar na ke bad Ye downlode dika raha he sam bahi plx kuch help kro

  3. I want to update my Yo whatsapp. But they say it will harm by phone device

  4. I can download thisthis😪😪

  5. Não estou conseguindo atualizar o meu whatsapp

  6. Cómo corrijo el WhatsApp versión 9.11 porque de repente deja de recibir mensajes y tarda más de 1 hra para que me lleguen los msj