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🔵🔵 Change log 🔵🔵

[Change] Base Update To 2.16.236.
[Change] New Privacy Settings For New Base Encyption.
[Change] Fix MSG Delay When Hide Blue Tick And Hide Second Tick(Still Have To Test)
[Change] Custom Privacy Style.
[Change] Main Icon Changed.
[Added] Always Online Feature.
[Added] Profile Pic Zoom Again.
[Added] Group Counter Again.
[Added] All Hidden Fearures Unlocked.
[Fix] Fix Not Working Shorcut Icon.
[Added] Made It More Faster.
Other Features As Feature List.
Other Bugs Fixed..

🔺 WhatsApp's Features 🔻
🔹 Based on 2.16.236
🔴 Side Menu And Privacy Add To Home.
> Fast , Secure , Stable and Clean as Stock
■ Privacy (choose Privacy for Groups, Broadcasts, Contacts) With Custom Privacy
⇨ Sms Verification Fixed
✔ Media Sharing Limit Increased to 1GB (send video(s) upto 1 GB)
> Disable Image share limit.
🔴 Disabled copying details (Date, Time, Name) while copying 2 or more messages
🔹 Ban proof
■ Fast Backup and Restore
👉 Restore Button like wa reborn
🔴 Status character limit increased from 139 to 256 characters
✔ Select text in conversation
> See Your Name And Status @ Home Action Bar.
🔴 Removed Call icon from chat screen which is now in Menu (No More Accidental Calls) !But Come Back Also.!
■ Hide Archive Chat
> Copy Contact Status and Phone Number.
👉 Permanent Mute Option.
🔴 Disabled copying details And Txt Select.
🔹 Contact Online Toast.
⇨ Group Message Counter.
👉 Clear Recent Emojis.
🔶 Other Will Be Found By YourSelf.
> Hidden Feature Unlocked.

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  3. It's showing after installation this what's app is out of dated please download the newer version how can I get this updated version..