SH WhatsApp+ V1.2 Latest Version Download Now

Whats New v1.2:
* Add Bubble Style 33 Styles
* Add Ticks Style 14 Style
* Add Lancher icon changer 54 icon
* Notification icon Changer 24 icon
* Reorder Plus Setting
* Add Restart Button on 3Dot
* Add Auto Restart Mod
* Reduce Apk Size
* Other Fixes

- Base 2.16.150
- More Customize Than Before
- Specific Privacy (choose Privacy for Groups, Broadcasts, Contacts!)
- Option to Hide type..
- Activation via direct Sms code
- In App-update
- Super Fast :)
AND MORE to discover by yourself ;)

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1 Response to "SH WhatsApp+ V1.2 Latest Version Download Now"

  1. bro plz mod WAMOD by BrianValente based on latest version because WAMOD 1.3.5 become obsolute...we need it badly man..