mini WhatsApp+ v6.0 Latest Version

 Features of Patch

  1. Unlike modded apks No backend tracking or ads, Completely open code (txt files)
  2. Patch is 100% AntiBan cause it is applied on official apk
  3. Hide Privacy : Last Seen (customizable), Blue Ticks, Writing, voice notes played indicator
  4. Send High quality pictures & videos without compression (customizable)
  5. Share media upto 72 MB size
  6. Removed In app beta version updater. No more background downloads.
  7. Disabled sensor detection while playing voice notes (customizable)
  8. Send unlimited (instead of 10) images/videos simultaneously
  9. Status limit increased to 255 from 139
  10. Disabled addition of details (date,time & name) while copying multiple messages (customizable)
  11. Unblocked Telegram links
  12. Media Caption limit increased from 160 to 4000+ characters.
  13. Disabled Heads-Up Notifications. (customizable)
  14. To differentiate between 2 patches, in HIDEPRIVACY patch date text color in main screen is changed to RED.
    Black Dates=SHOWPRIVACY
    ( v6.0 ) 04 August 2016
  • Apologizing for late update
  • Supports new base 2.16.216 (451336)
  • Probably fixed delay in chat while hiding privacy
  • Unfortunately hiding call icon is no longer possible using patch.
  • Images are no longer sent in insanely huge sizes. They are close to original pic size.
  • Other official whatsapp's updates: quotes, much faster app,lesser apk size.

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