MZ WhatsApp V13.00 Latest Version Download Now

Where all the features Alakhvaouat.
­čö╣althadit version 2.16.95 Almarki
­čö╣alenckhtan supporting Walnut 4, 5 and 6, Wallace and Wallace 6 Edge and others.
­čö╣alan you can hide Sahan reading without the emergence of the problem of sending messages
­čö╣adavh Privacy option for each conversation.
­čö╣adavh font settings in the conversation.
­čö╣adavh option to see your favorite messages for each conversation.
­čö╣adhavh icon to translate the messages and reforms in the translation.
­čö╣adavh new icons and a new Theme to copy the color red Alzeitera.
­čö╣amkanah respond by quoting in this version.
­čö╣amkanah copied the phone number of the Member's profile
­čö╣amkanah distinguish between media that were collective or private message
­čö╣aslah your lack backgrounds program Balwatsab agree.
­čö╣aslah not hide appearing when the name change.
­čö╣volder copy WhatsApp Plus is WhatsApp.
­čö╣volder MZWHATSAPP is MZWhatsApp.
­čö╣vehma new things (stellate Home screen and the screen icons of conversation and more ... Version backgrounds Buthaim blue or red Buthaim Alzeitera can change themes through demotion.
­čö╣tm version totally reform is no longer where mistakes have been modified some codes to speed version and stability, God willing.
­čö╣alenckhtan reinforce security encryption.
­čö╣adavat and features abound.

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