Yo WhatsApp Prime 3.40 With Video Calling enabled By king Khan

[Base Update] 2.16.80
[Supports] Video Calls
[Added] Option to Clear Calls log
[Added] Credits Box - credits & thanks are in the app now
[Fix] Receiving Media: "This video was removed.. unsafe content"
[Fix] Statusbar color during call
1. The video calling is a TEST feature!
This is REGIONAL LIMITED option and need a SIGN-UP and APROVAL to the stock WhatsApp BETA PROGRAM!
In the simple words: May not works for everyone!
So.. If don't work for You, go and check your beta program status, your region/country etc.
If stil don't work.. just ACCEPT this fact and WAIT for the overall working feature from the WA Inc.
Don't bother us with "buuu this don't work for me.." stuff!
2. Messages problems are completely fixed.
3. Backup Restoring is completely fixed.
Available in TWO packages:

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  1. am in love with this blog big thanks guys

  2. Finally! WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Is Now Live

    WhatsApp is the most renowned messaging app on the planet, so small changes warrant some attention even. This time I haven’t contributed a minor change, though. That is a big one.