WhatsApp-SH Wash Mod Latest V apk

🎊🎉 WhatsApp SuperHero 🎉🎊
Loaded With Features + 14 SH Themes
🔶🔷 Features Lists 🔶🔷:
🔶 Extended Release
🔹Added 8 New Bubbles. (Crayon , Apple , Bubble Drop , WA+ Paper , Hangouts ILK , Beautiful Rounds ,Twitter )
🔹Added 7 Bubble Styles. (Coldfield , Messenger , Flat Ticks , BPG , Xtreme , Titanium Circles , Simple Colors , Treble )
🔹Added 2 More Home Style. (WACA & WANH)
🔹Extra Font Size Options (Tiny , Small , Medium , Large , Extra Large )
🔹Extra Mute Conversation Options (1 hrs, 8 hrs , 1 day , 1 week , 1 year , Forever )
🔹Extended Media Caption To 4,000 Words!
🔹Extended Media Share Limit From 10 to 300!
🔹Extended Status Limit From 139 to 256!
🔹Extended Image Quality from 80 to 100 (no compression)
🔹Extended Video and Media Limit to 50 MB! (39.95 MB Verified)
🔹Extended Broadcast List Limit To 4095!
🔹Extended 10 default statuses to 15 cool one!
🔶 Material Mod
🔹Centralized All Title Cards.
🔹Added Ripple Effect For 5.0+ Devices.
🔹Added Animation for Theme.Prefs Activities
🔹Materialized UI PNGs
🔹Materialized Avatar Icons.
🔹Material Emojis (One Emojis)
🔹Material Colors Through The App
🔹#Exclusive Solid Background Colors changed to Material Colors
🔶 Optimized For 2G Users (India)
As By A Report , India has the slowest Internet Connection In Asia , So I Optimized the App For Indian 2G Users.
🔹Disabled Background APK Downloading
🔹Removed Memory DUMP & Suspended Unnecessary Activities.
🔹Forced Enabled VoIP Calls Compression.
🔹Added Pre-Privacy to stop sending data/updates.
🔹Disabled In App Updater Checker.
🔹Removed Sending Data Stats to Fabric to save even more data!
🔹App Size Reduced To 19MB for Saving The Bandwidth.
🔶 Unleased Hidden Features
🔹 Share Data with FaceBook to Improve your FaceBook Experiences
🔶 Just To Fill Space Feature
🔹Supports Narendra Modi’s Make In India Innovation.
🔹Can Prevent A Nuclear Bomb From Blasting.
🔶 *SH Features*
🔹Telegram Links Unlocked , Now Copy And Share Messages with Telegram URL.
🔹Disabled Name , Date And Time while Copying Multiple Messages.
🔹Disabled Heads-Up Notification For All Android Versions.
🔹 Disabled Proximity Sensor while Playing Voice Messages.
🔹Added Profile Picture Zoom Option (similar to iOS)
🔹 Added Option To Save and Restore App Data (like titanium backup)
🔹 Added Ability to copy other’s status.

🔶 SH #Exclusive Feature
🔹 14 Heroes Themes To Choose From (only works with the below app)!
🔳 WASH Emoji Changer 🔲
👉Change emoji pack to any of the 12 in the app.
👉Deadpool & T.N.M.T. emojis pack replaced with the free emoji packs. That means , even if the trial is over you can use Deadpool and TNMT emojis.
👉Supports WASH Custom Package.
👉Fast , Lag free and New App Icon.🔳
Credits 🔲
Special Thanks to 😊
+Brian Valente​​
+Savan Raja​​
+afsha norsham​​
+Kuldip Patel​​
+Mahmood Ab99​​
+Rahil Bhimjiani​​
+Shivam Srivastava​​
+Peter Kuefer​​
+Arnold Angulo​​
+Samyadeep Purkayastha​​
+Naza Herrera​​
+Nacho Laborde​​
+Archit jain​​
✅ +Jayy Panchal​
✅ You ALL Fans!
🔲 How To Install? 🔳
👉 Simply Install W.A.S.H. and verify via SMS or Voice Call!
👉 Then , Install WASH Emoji Changer and run the app. Hit the Extract Themes button! No Need to worry , even if you have non-rooted droid you can extract the themes , its easy just extract then uninstall!
Download Links 🔳
Grab it now ⤵
www.mediafire.com/?7jx5n1f1cgdemen (WASH MOD)
www.mediafire.com/?h3u2m1fg8c7ji6f (Emoji Replacer)
Download Both to use themes.

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