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[ WhatsNew ] -
Update Base 2.16.89
Special Version Folder 😍😍
Add New Entry _[Viber]_
Add Option to change color actionbar in setting
Fix crash in profile info
Redesign WAMa Setting 😍
1200+ Themes in Server Themes 😍
Fix Hide attachment icon in chat
Fix _MdStyle Entry_

~ Ⅲ FEATURES Ⅲ ~ ⇨ Base 2.16.89 ⇨ Fast , Stable ⇨ Dark ul ⇨ Preview tricks before choose ⇨ option to share and save themes ⇨ option to delete unnecessary file ( like : whatsapp.log ) ⇨ ReadLog + Filter ⇨ option to change between circle or square photo ⇨ More option to change size font ⇨ delete option to change icon because it was stoped the counter in icon ⇨Added Ringtone Contact Toast ⇨ Send Photo HD ⇨ Change color Notification Circle Color ⇨ Change Sizs Text in Text Enter ⇨ Delete Recently Emoji ⇨ Contact Toast ⇨ Staut toast ⇨ Private Mod ⇨ Contact statu in conversations ⇨ Old Ul ⇨ Option to set Your Name and Number in Main ⇨ Status up to 251.9 word ⇨ Disable Heads-up for Lollipop ⇨ Hide Date & Time While Copying tow messages ⇨ Make Text Selectable ⇨ Group message Counter ⇨ Add Increase video file size upload limit to 30MB ⇨ Preview images and video ⇨ Add Hide Call Button ⇨ Add Hide attach Button ⇨ options to change the Themes like WAPlus ⇨ Privacy settings ⇨ Zoom in to image Profile ⇨ Select a text Conversation screen ⇨ Select a text on Status ⇨ Copy Status ⇨ Send more than 10 pictures at once ⇨ Activation via direct Sms code for no need for backup ⇨ The possibility of click on the links without storing number sender of the message or group owner ⇨ Add Hide Archive ⇨ The possibility of distinguishing between normal messages and Broadcast messages ⇨ And more  
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