WhatsApp Plus the latest version 4.56

  • n updated version of the last existing in Almarki version,  WhatsApp 2.12.453 ( fornow).
  • You can send files (documents).
  • Added new VSAT.
  • Meltdown been fixed at (when activating the lock - when you select a contact - when you open a conversation - when you press the button VSAT - when you make a call).
  •  The problem has been fixed in the form of text overlap Hangouts Fund
  • Has been re-activate the display profile pictures in chat option (1.4 option).
  •  The reform is not possible to paste in WAMOD Fund.
  • The reform of the delay in the presentation of the emergence of others in the talks.
  • The reform does not work the color of the message in the conversation change option
  • Many other reforms.
  • The possibility of sending more than 10 images at once from the Photo Gallery directly.
  • The possibility of writing the case number 250 dependent characters.
  • Ability to copy the situation by simply pressing on them.
  • The ability to display an image viewing the contact by clicking on the image and display glass.
  • The possibility of full control of the application icons and the icons notices.
  • Send video clips size of up to 1 gigabyte.
  •  Themes in WhatsApp Plus became renewed on a daily basis.
  •  Privacy options and hide History
  • Save conversations on Google Drive.
  • Favorites (starred), which enables you to preference for a message for later viewing action.
  • Options include the colors of the talks and calls and names.
  • Advantage watch the video and photos without uploading.
  • Legend Caption: bubble conversation and transmission icons and icons receipt, and preview before selecting the icon.
  • Support voice calls.
And many more ...

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