YOWhatsApp v6.90 Latest Version [DUAL WHATSAPP MODs] With Emoji Or Without Emoji Changer

Update: #YoWA V7.15 🔥🦃🛠️ by +Yousef Al-Basha
Thanksgiving Gift🙌

Changelog V7.15:
[Exclusive] Custom Hide name for contact/group (Click on name > Hide contact name)
[Exclusive] Disable notification while playing voice notes (Option 1.3.10)
[Added] Locked chat messages will be hidden in Widget
[Fixed] Slow and lag when scrolling
[Fixed] WhatsApp size (data) getting bigger
[Fixed] Widget bypass WhatsApp Lock/locked conversations
[] Other bugs fixes and Speed Improvements
Thank you for choosing YoWA!

Base Update] 2.17.395 - Latest Play Store
[Exclusive] Show Blue ticks after reply! (mark message as read, only when you reply!) (YoMods > Privacy)
[Exclusive] Hide name of person you're talking with! (Option 3.3.3)
[Excuslive] Added Rescue Mode! if whatsapp crashes, Rescue Mode will be shown to give you options to fix!
[New] YoThemes Store Design
[Added Finally] Added Gradient Colouring, with preview!
[Added] Custom Anti-Delete
[Added] Highlight a message and start typing to automatically reply!
[Added] New WhatsApp Emojis and new design
[Added] Reset Option in color dialog, to restore default colour
[Added] Set Recovery question to unlock forgotten PIN/Pattern (Option 6.0.0)
[Added] Links Preview now take same color as quoted
[Added] 2 new bubbles and ticks
[Enabled] See Storage usage per chat (Settings > Data and storage usage)
[Enabled] Sending Live Location, so people can see your location while moving!
[Enabled] Stickers when sending pics!
[Fixed] Fixed Sending location, now you can see Maps!
[Fixed] Text Status/Story download button, press download button to copy text status
[Fixed] Groups not showing in view all custom privacy
[Fixed] Online Toast not showing names
[Fixed] 90% White theme issues
[Fixed] Cleaning WhatsApp logs
[Fixed] WhatsApp randomly crashing when receiving messages
[Fixed] Home screen header not taking system font
[]Moved Ticks Style to Option 3.2.3
[] Other bugs fixes and Improvements
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With Emoji Changer Apk Size: 42 MB
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Without Emoji Changer Apk Size: 30 MB
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32 Responses to "YOWhatsApp v6.90 Latest Version [DUAL WHATSAPP MODs] With Emoji Or Without Emoji Changer"

  1. I was looking for yowhatsapp without emoji changer, that is lighter than with emoji changer...
    Thanx to yowhatsapp team...

  2. Plz add send original picture option..Means send original picture to someone without compression plz add this feature..in the next update..

    1. #Anuj This Feature Already Added

  3. Why don't the developer fix my bug...? I have reqested for "fix fonts problem" many times.... He don't fix it yet....!!!
    When it will be fixed ? Can someone tell me ?

    In version 6.40 there isn't any font applying problem...
    When it updated to 6.50 & 6.55 then it's started.... Plz.... Fix the font problem....

  4. You can try it on your android 5.0.2 device..... When you apply the "Product Sans" font... It can't change....!

    So plz.... Fix this

  5. How to send files like zip ,rar,apk ect

  6. Plz fix video sending option.. When I send to someone it's buffers and then shows me a error prompt this video can't be send" plz fix this issue asap
    And you said that send original picture option is already in it where is the tap or option??? Send high resolution pic is another thing.
    Send high resolution and send original picture is different admin plz fix these two options..

  7. #navpreet bro just click 📎 icon then go document tap and then search your file (apk, Rar, exe etc) then press "yes or ok"

  8. Plz admin fix these issue otherwise there is no issue in this whatspp.. Your whatspp mod is awesome..

  9. Most unstable version.. As most of times it shows unfortunately stopped.. Whenever i apply any theme or any chanegs done or jst by clicking on restart yowhtsapp it shows unfortunately stopped..kindly solve it asap

  10. Admin Add a feature in yowhatspp:-
    when someone changes its profile pic a notification sound or notification toast displays in chat screen it's a wonderful feature if you could it would be very helpful for others users also..

  11. Somebody help me!!!
    There is a mod when u can change the profile pic for an especific contact. I mean, contact X can watch a cat in my profile pic, but contact Y can watch a dog.
    Please what mod is that? Thanks

  12. I can't send apk file... Please help mee

  13. Click 📎 icon then click document and browse your apk, zip, etc..dats it..

  14. Please do something for 72 hour Status update instead of 24 hours
    Please increase the limit of video which is currently 5:00 min only update to 10 min minimum ... Thanks

  15. i cant wait to see the new update cause this mod is awesome i love it

  16. Hii bro...
    Plz add this feature in YoWhatsapp
    Add Option to show contacts pics in Groups

  17. Im on Nougat and when I enabled "Always online" couple of minnutes later it just went go to last seen. I already went to battery optimisation and check "do not optimised" but it is killing the background of whatsapp or any app for that matter. Any work around this?

  18. I can't restore my original WhatsApp chat backups to YoWhatsApp. Plz provide solution for this

  19. I was able to send videos to my status longer than 30 seconds but all of sudden it's not happening now

  20. Hiii Guyz .
    Next Update whatsapp to plz Add New Feature is Recall And Edit features.

  21. Nice Article Very Helpful ! Thanks for sharing ! Also check lucky patcher

  22. Nice Article Very Helpful ! Thanks for sharing ! Also check YOWHATSAPP

  23. Very helpful post with direct download thank you!...Update to Yo WhatsApp latest version 7.10

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