GB WhatsApp 4.81 With Pink Theme Latest Version

* More enhancements added to Rosa theme :) Enjoy
* Wall introducing data changed "Roses"
* Wall changed conversation screen "SexiLips"
* Many icons added to this Mod and edited colors
* Icons changed settings now Pink (By Kreatxre)
* New's icon Profile Avatar and Avatar Group (Style Vector)
* New's sounds Conversation Screen (All & beautiful sounds)
* New icon chats and groups mutated return (Style MD)
* Change icons on the screen attachments conversation (MD Style)
* Plus Emojis back the refore have the substituted Flags (Emojis Plus Only the Mod We'll see whether this or another that had integrated)
* Integrated very and new icons for Mod
* New icons in Screen Calls
* New icon of missed calls in WhatsApp (Style MD) (Thanks to Jorge Teniza for support on the icon)
* New default color
* Support in Spanish [Changelog] (By Kreatxre)
* Style swich changed to activate the Mod's (By Kreatxre)
* It is now more fluid, less Lag ... (Special thanks in cleaning AbracadabraModz code)
* And many other icons changed in all screens Special thanks for support in modifying and creating icons for this Mod to AbracabraModz, StyleModz & Kreatxre)
* Change screen icon shipping in conversation
* Change Screen Icons call (incoming, missed and outgoing)
* Support for icons DPI: (HDPI, XHDPI, XXHDPI & XXXHDPI)
* Changed default launcher icon (New Style By Kreatxre material design)
* Notification icons changed style design Material (New fillings icons and various colors)
* Some icons changed in the conversation screen
* Advertising removed


GBWA+ V4.81 Mod KR: Download Now

GBWA V4.81 Mod KR: Download Now


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